Outlook 2016 (ActiveSync) self-sign certificate


is an Outlook problem, not really Kopano.

We use Outlook 2016 via Z-Push and Kopano. Via the OL-Connector from Kopano.

The server certificate is self-signed. When Outlook is started the security message appears every time that the certificate is not secure.
I can display the certificate and import it. I have done that but the warning comes anyway.

When importing I can let the certificate store choose automatically or I can choose one myself. Automatically I have already selected one. Without success.

In which store do I have to import the certificate so that Outlook is not disturbed?

with best

if its a UCS certificate than import the ucs root cert from management homepage (upper right menue - select certificate - root-certificate) and import it to the computer into trusted root certificates store

but the certificate FQDN has to mach the FQDN accessing the active sync server


it works. Thanks a lot