Option to Invite user via email


We have UCS hosted in Amazon (AWS) with LDAP enabled. I would like to have an option to send the invitation of UCS Univention to our users without manually sending the credentials to them. I researched and followed this article https://www.univention.com/blog-en/2019/04/ucs-4-4-self-services-new-features/. I already installed the Self Service but when creating user there is no option to Invite the user via email.

Can someone help me configure this? I’ve been looking for possible solutions for a week now it is hard for me to follow other articles as I am not familiar with other settings. so I need guidance on setting this up. I hope some can help me.

Thank you.

Hello @gian.nampi,

welcome to Univention Help.

The blog article you refer to is a good source. Have you installed the Mailserver app via the App Center and enabled your system to send emails?

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Hi Gulden,

Yes, I did install the Mailserver app however the “Invite user via email. Password will be sent to their email” does not appear when I am creating a user on my Univention Admin dashboard. did I miss something? I hope you can help me.

Thank you!

Hi @gian.nampi,

have you checked, if all join scripts have been executed successfully?
→ Log in to UMC, select the UMC module Domain join and execute pending join scripts.

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Hi @Schwardt,

It says successful. see below for reference.

01univention-ldap-server-init successful
02univention-directory-notifier successful
03univention-directory-listener successful
04univention-ldap-client successful
05univention-bind successful
08univention-apache successful
10univention-ldap-server successful
11univention-heimdal-init successful
11univention-pam successful
12privacyidea successful
15univention-heimdal-kdc successful
15univention-directory-notifier-post successful
18python-univention-directory-manager successful
20univention-join successful
20univention-directory-policy successful
26univention-nagios-common successful
30univention-appcenter successful
30univention-nagios-client successful
33univention-portal successful
34univention-self-service successful
34univention-management-console-server successful
35univention-management-console-module-reboot successful
35univention-management-console-module-ucr successful
35univention-management-console-module-mrtg successful
35univention-management-console-module-ipchange successful
35univention-server-overview successful
35univention-aws-config successful
35univention-management-console-module-diagnostic successful
35univention-management-console-module-setup successful
35univention-management-console-module-appcenter successful
35univention-management-console-module-quota successful
35univention-appcenter-docker successful
35univention-management-console-module-sysinfo successful
35univention-management-console-module-udm successful
35univention-management-console-module-join successful
35univention-management-console-module-lib successful
35univention-management-console-module-top successful
35univention-management-console-module-services successful
35univention-self-service-passwordreset-umc successful
35univention-management-console-module-updater successful
36univention-management-console-module-apps successful
40univention-virtual-machine-manager-schema successful
40univention-postgresql successful
50admin-dashboard successful
50prometheus successful
55univention-node-exporter successful
80univention-radius successful
81univention-nfs-server successful
90univention-bind-post successful
91univention-saml successful
92univention-management-console-web-server successful
98univention-pkgdb-tools successful

Just to be sure:
the add dialog to invite new users via email should look like this:

Please call univention-app info and give us the results.
And what does dpkg -l 'univention-self-service*' return?

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Hi @Schwardt,

I tried but still the option to “Invite user via-email” is not appearing on my dashboard user management please see below for more info.

Thank you



The invite user feature was added with UCS 4.4. The screenshot shows that univention-self-service is installed in version 3.xxx - that version is from UCS 4.3. Please update your UCS system to the latest version using the software update module, and the invite option should appear.

Hi @damrose,

Thank you for your response. I got a couple of questions before updating our UCS version.

Q. What are the procedures for updating?
Q. Will it needs a restart?
Q. Do we need to configure our Instance upon restart?

Unfortunately the Admin who installed and configured our UCS is already out of the company. our UCS Univention is hosted in AWS.

Thank you.

Please have a look at the UCS manual for general information about updating UCS. There are also release notes for each update which contain the changelog. Both can be found at https://docs.software-univention.de/

It is generally advised to reboot the UCS server after a release update was installed, see the release notes.

UCS Updates are done inplace. Generally, no additional configuration is required after an update - but this depends on the individual configuration of the server. See the release notes for more information.

Hi @damrose

I created a test server and successfully upgraded to the latest version and the “option to invite user via email” is now showing on the user management dashboard.

However, I do not receive any invitation on my email. with this, my next step was to install the mail server and I am looking where I can configure it? I am looking for an option where I can set or modify it to use our Google SMTP server. any advice, please?



You probably have to configure a mail relay server