Option to Invite user via email


We have UCS hosted in Amazon (AWS) with LDAP enabled. I would like to have an option to send the invitation of UCS Univention to our users without manually sending the credentials to them. I researched and followed this article https://www.univention.com/blog-en/2019/04/ucs-4-4-self-services-new-features/. I already installed the Self Service but when creating user there is no option to Invite the user via email.

Can someone help me configure this? I’ve been looking for possible solutions for a week now it is hard for me to follow other articles as I am not familiar with other settings. so I need guidance on setting this up. I hope some can help me.

Thank you.

Hello @gian.nampi,

welcome to Univention Help.

The blog article you refer to is a good source. Have you installed the Mailserver app via the App Center and enabled your system to send emails?

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Hi Gulden,

Yes, I did install the Mailserver app however the “Invite user via email. Password will be sent to their email” does not appear when I am creating a user on my Univention Admin dashboard. did I miss something? I hope you can help me.

Thank you!