OpenXChange App Suite - Hide Global Adressbook

Does anyone know how to hide the global adressbook from users?

I know there’s a commandline option "–access-global-address-book-disabled <on/off> " that might do the trick, but someone told me that changing OX user accounts from via commandline in univention is “BAD” :confused:

The simplest way we’ve found so far is to revoke all access rights as the adressbook’s owner - in this case “oxadmin”. But it would be nice to have a simpler way and just DISABLE it globally.

To disable the global address book, you have to downgrade the OX-account to being only a “Webmail” account (in UMC→Users→_user_→Account→OX Access).
Then you can run on the command line:

/opt/open-xchange/sbin/changeuser -c "$(ucr get ox/context/id)" -A oxadmin -P "$(cat /etc/ox-secrets/context10.secret)" -u <username> --access-global-address-book-disabled on

The next time the user logs in, the global address book will be gone.

Daniel Tröder

Thanks for this. At least there’s a way now to do this. Although it’s only on a per user basis. Any idea how to do this for all users?

Dear @nickbe,
Hallo Herr Berglmeir,

I guess my inner-product-manager-self would like to understand what you want to achieve and why? The idea of the global addressbook is, that you have automatically the contact information of everyone in your context/company/family/… (whatever you call your organization). People who should not interact, should maybe not be in the same context… Thus the question.
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Mark multiple users and click edit, to enter the multi edit mode:

Well, basically most people including the senior managers in the organisation want to have ALL their contact details visible to most other users.

But there are also “semi” freelancers which are basicaly thightly integrated into the companies structure in a way that they work part time for and on the companies premises. But at the same time they should not be able to see ALL the contact details of the managers. For Ex. most employees are free to user to use multiple private phone numbers of their managers, while some of them should not. And since there’s no way to hide certain contact fields, we have to hide the complete adresses from them

They have an adress book application which they’d like to get rid of in time, which does exactly this. You can hide single fields on a per user group basis.