OpenVPN4UCS / Network Issues/DHCP or DNS Config issue

When I connect to my OpenVPN4UCS server “LWCVPN” my client does not have access to the rest of the domain anymore or the WWW. I can only access my LWCVPN server.

What are some things I need to look at?

I have a feeling it might have something to do with “LWCDCS” the Master UCS’s DHCP or DNS settings… I am looking for better instructions on how to configure the DHCP and DNS also.

One reason why I think it might be a DHCP issue is because I cannot get LWCDCS to assign LWCJR an IP address. I must be working with the wrong settings.

I have attached a drawing of the environment for you to get a visual.

Enviroment.pdf (32.6 KB)

Is it possible to just build an openVPN server and connect it to the LWCDCS using LDAP, or is there a specific reason or benefit to use OpenVPN4VCS?