Openvpn vs OpenVPN4UCS

I am really trying to figure out what is better and what is the difference.

1) What is the difference between OpenVPNAS2 and OpenVPN4UCS?

1a) Do you need to have a openvpn client installed to use OpenVPN4UCS, or can you connect to the VPN through web GUI also?

2) Can I use either?


OpenVPN4UCS provides an integration of OpenVPN into the Univention Corporate Server, and the server as well as the clients can easily be configured via the UMC.
Some more information can be found on our website:

Please feel free to test it: Install the app, configure the server side, add the OpenVPN flag to a user, download the ready2go package and connect.

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There are some major differences between OpenVPNAS2 and OpenVPN4UCS?
here is the complete guide with images, so it may help you all time…

Yes, there is: OpenVPN-AS is not integrated within UCS.
Please be more specific if you have any questions about OpenVPN4UCS.

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