OpenVPN not reachable (was: OpenVPN Server nicht erreichbar)




for our international users we want English to be used in the forum. If you have any issues, let me know. Meanwhile I have translated your post:

I installed the OpenVPN server and wanted to have a client connected but the server is not reachable via it can’t ping etc what could be the problem?

ich habe den OpenVPN Serve installiert und wollte nun habe ich einen Client auch verbunden aber der Server ist darüber nicht erreichbar lässt sich nicht Pingen etc was könnte den da das Problem sein



regarding VPN connections we have to differ between the two connection types.

So is you OpenVPN connection properly up and running? What are the client network connection showing (ip, routes, dns)? What is shown on the UCS server (ip a show, route)



VPN ip

Clients get IP addresses Samba is not available in the VPN network Server can be pinging meanwhile