OpenSuse Build Service target for UCS 4.3?


when will there be a target to build packages for UCS 4.3 on the OpenSuse Build Service (OBS)?

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There is already a request to create a UCS 4.3 target in OBS


@damrose Those apt repo links in the Bugzilla entry look wrong as they still contain …/4.1/… in the path.

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@Moritz_Bunkus thanks!


Out of curiosit: I thought that UCS 4.3 has an all new base, why is it that:

The repository configuration has to include all previous UCS releases.


thank you all for the interest in having a build target for UCS 4.3 in Open Suse Build Service. I have good news: It is now available! Happy hacking and providing your solution on UCS 4.3.

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Edit: Added link to project page at Build Service.