OpenProject missing after latest package updates

Hi All
Currently on 5.0-0 errata164.
After the last package updates we get a 404 error browsing to the OpenProject link.
The VitrualHost entries are also missing from the apache2 config files.
OpenProject does not show up on the Univention Portal and univention-app info does not list is as installed.

# univention-app info
UCS: 5.0-0 errata164
Installed: samba-memberserver=4.7 4.4/nextcloud=21.0.7-0

Please help, I have users that were actively using OpenProject that cannot access the system now.

Kind regards

Ok I have managed to make OpenProject available again by adding the ProxyPass entries back to the default-ssl.conf apache2 config files but still no management in UCS management portal.
I have read in other topics that OpenProject compatibility has been downgraded from 5.0 to 4.4?
Is this a temporary issue or has it been completely removed from future UCS versions?

Same for me, running stable after the manual proxypass changes but no possibility to update. There is also no official information yet: