Openproject does not save any attachments anymore after upgrade to 8.1

Hi Community,

i have upgraded my openproject app and after that it’s not possible anymore to attach a file to an task.

I have found this issue on the open project website.

There was a bug in the docker container release 8.01 which descripes exactly my issue. It was fixed in release 8.0.2.
The univention installation has openproject release 8.1.0 with the same error.

Has anyone a idea how to solve this problem?

Many thanks.

Error Message shown in openproject:


Today there was an update to release 8.1.0-ucs-1 in the app center available.
But the error is still in the system, no change to release 8.1.0.


I tested this twice now and cannot reproduce it, everything seems to work fine. Maybe you can have a look at the log files?

univention-app shell openproject cat /opt/openproject/log/production.log

Are there any hints on this error?

I’m sorry about that but I don’t have the logfiles anymore. Meanwhile I have reinstalled the complete univention server and now the attachments work again.

I was testing this with a fresh installation on another univention server vm. On this machine I have installed openproject 8.1 and the attachments worked.

Before I have installed the server completely new I did some additional tests.
deinstall openproject - install it again – the old database was still in the system
deinstall openproject – drop database manually – install it again – app center wasn’t able to install it again
make a db dump from the other working test system and import it to the origin system - install openproject again – openproject worked but no attachements

Finally I reinstalled my origin server. It was a new installation so no other services have bin installed. Only openproject.

My current problem is that the user sync doesn’t work. At the moment I create my users manually in openproject and not in the univention user management. Is there any logfile where I can find out the reason.

Many thanks.