OpenProject admin login

I’ve installed latest UCS and OpenProject App but i cannot login to App with admin right.
On “first step help” i read:
After installation, your OpenProject instance should be available at It is already integrated with the UCS identity management. Users for OpenProject simply need to be activated within the user account settings in UCS. Afterwards, the user can login to OpenProject with his domain credentials.

I’ve tried to login with Administrator UCS user but fail
I’ve also created a new user and set App admin rights following:
…activated by in UCS by clicking on “Activate user for OpenProject” in the module “Users” (tab “Apps”). The checkbox “Give admin rights to OpenProject” controls whether the user is also an admin for OpenProject.

But the same no login

Some help ?

I’ve seen that i can login to App OpenProject with admin/admin :grinning:
But integration with the UCS identity management does’nt work !


do the users have “Primary e-mail address” set in UCS?

I had a similar problem and found out that OpenProject has ‘mailPrimaryAddress’ as requirement for user accounts and will fail to log in a user when the account don’t have the email account set in LDAP.

To set the “Primary e-mail address” you need a “Mail” domain in the Domain section (in blue).

Alternatively, you could use the ‘admin’ credentials in OpenProject (settings->LDAP Auth section) to set ‘mail’ instead of ‘mailPrimaryAddress’ for example, that way you don’t need to create a “Mail” domain in UCS. Although you may need to configure email relay in UCS to use the password recovery features from ProjectOpen, but I have not tested that.

I remember that I had a similar issue and yes, there is a primary mail address needed. The user sync won’t work with OpenProject if no email address is present.