Openproject 3 errors

Not able to install openproject from appcente, getting following error:

3 errors occurred:

  • Something went wrong while joining the systemFurther information can be found in the following log file on each of the involved systems:
  • Setup failed
  • Setup script failed!

Hello @vijendra,

can you please look in your appcenter.log file for the following entry and paste some lines around it for context?

 [    INFO]: Launching installer for openproject...
 [ WARNING]: Selected addons: legacy-installer mysql apache2 repositories smtp memcached openproject

There should be a reason mentioned, why the setup script failed.

Login to your UCS system via SSH and go to /var/log/univention/appcenter.log.

Best regards,

Hello @vijendra

an issue with the app setup has been detected and fixed last week. Does the installation of OpenProject work for you now?

Best regards,