OpenID saying client_id is invalid

Hi all,

We’ve just setup our first UCS server and are trying to setup the OpenID connection for one of our applications. Everything seems to work except for when we actually attempt to sign in. No matter what we do or try, we are always given the following error:
"unknown client_id: "

We have triple checked that the correct client ID is being used in our application as set in the object on the UCS server.

Is there any troubleshooting for this kind of error?

Hi @djelectro,

have you verified with the logging of the OpenID Provider that you application was correctly registered? Konnect will log each configured provider/application when it starts up.

That was it!
The application was registered, but it turns out that the person developing the application that is using OpenID put both an https (production) and http (localhost for development) redirect uri in, and it didnt like the mismatched protocols.