Dear people

I just installed on my server Univention Corporate Server
with Open XChange ox app suite.

and now I want to link my domain name to the ox app suite
with my own domain name

maybe you know how I can do this

The domain has been registered by a registrar,
and where should I go with Univention Corporate to TXT, MX RECORDS, IP. MAIL.
this to fill


you can find some informations in 10.2. Administration of DNS data with BIND.

Depending on your setup you may need to define the mail-domain as described in 13.3.1. Management of mail domains.

In you case it might be useful to think about the strategy of linking DNS to your UCS-instance. You will need to configure zone transfers for the hosts at your registrar if you dont want to set up fault tolerant name services (in different networks).
If you only want to use the App Suite you can set up Fetchmail which is in the Mail Services configuration in this case.

Outbound mails are handled by the Relay Host.

Best Regards,
Dirk Ahrnke