Open xchange - list all user and delete

Hello together,

im realy new in this topic and have a problem.
we have open xchange email accounts and want delete old users correctly.

i have a web based gui and can use the terminal.

the openxchange is

how can i list all users and how i can delete user corectly

please help. i a newby in open xchange.

the system was set up before my time and runs on debian

thank you very mutch

Hello together,

any ideas?

Hi Thomas,

in case the system is running on plain Debian (and not on UCS) you need to use the command-line tools like listuser and deletuser.
With the integration of the Open Xchange App Suite the account administration is integrated into the Univention Management Console.



but just listuser dosent work. i have to put more entrys

I could probably help in case you are running OX on UCS but you mentioned that you are using Debian.
In that case you should rather ask in the Open-Xchange Forum.