Open-xchange free/busy


I’m trying to get free/busy information from open-xchange. To test, I’m pointing my web browser at the following URL:
I keep coming up with a blank screen instead of the data I’m expecting. Is there something I need to do to get free/busy working? Is my URL wrong?


Where did you get the information to be able to retrieve that information in that way?
I do not think this is supposed to work.

I got that from a google search of ‘open-xchnage free/busy’

Do you know what IS supposed to work?

There is AFAIK no external service for free busy in the current version of OX.
freebusy is available internally to the application and therefore there most likely is an http api which can be used by a user session. (Because the internal calendaring can do freebusy there must be a way using the http api.)