Open Xchange does not appears in App Center

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Was Open Xchange been taken off from the App-Center? It does not appear anymore.

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You’re probably running UCS 4.3. The Open-Xchange app has not been ported to 4.3 yet. It will be made available via the app center once it has been ported.

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Hello @Xela,

Open-Xchange is still available in the App Center, but currently limited to UCS 4.1 and UCS 4.2. The current version of Open-Xchange only run on Debian Jessie and therefore only up to UCS 4.2.

UCS 4.3 is based on Debian Stretch and OX App Suite 7.8.4 does not support it. The next version 7.10 will support Debian Stretch and therefore also UCS 4.3. According to our information, OX App Suite 7.10 will be available in the second quarter 2018.

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Hi Nico,

thank’s for the info. Where can I download UCS 4.2? Could you provide me a link please?

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You may get it here:


Is it advisable not to update an existing system (4.2) with Open Xchange to 4.3 until it is also available in 4.3?

Yes - there are security updates coming for 4.2 for the next few months.