Open Xchange cannot install missing dependencies

Dear all,
I had try to install “Open Xchange” (App Suite) from App Center but I got the following error message “This operation causes problems in the following packages that cannot be resolved: univention-ox-dependencies-master, univention-ox-meta-singleserver”. I had try to do install it from command line “univention-app install oxseforucs” but with same error.

The UCS is master domain role and my first UCS and on version 4.2.1.


Same problem here I just update OX AppSuite update failed

root@extranet:~# univention-app info
UCS: 4.2-1 errata99
App Center compatibility: 4
Installed: dhcp-server=11.0.0 kvm=1.2.8 mailserver=11 nagios=3.5 pkgdb=10 self-service=2.0 uvmm=6 4.1/nextcloud=12.0.0e-90 4.1/wordpress=4.8.0


there is an error in the last App Update. Shortly a version 7.8.4-ucs3 will be released, which will fix it and make the OX App installable again.

Sorry for the inconvenience
Daniel Tröder

OX App Suite on UCS 4.2 version 7.8.4-ucs3 has been released.

Many thanks and I am impress about the reactivity.
May I ask you the default url repository because during the troubleshooting I had try de dev url one and I am not sure about the default one now. Is it “” or https?
many thanks.

I still cannot install OX App Suite and I don’t have the latest version available. I had manage a snaphot of my server before changing anything so I am on the default and right setting for respository.

Form AppCenter the release version of OX App Suite is “7.8.4-ucs4” and not ucs3 as you mentionned.



I just start back teh install and it is working … No idear why but thanks !


yes, we pushed out a minor update to version 7.8.4-ucs4 to fix a corner case with the unmaintained repository.

Daniel Tröder