Open Port-Range in UCS Firewall

I need to open a range of ports on my UCS 4.4 Server for internal use (Veeam B&R need this ports for the instant file restore)

The Ports are TCP: 2500-5000 and TCP 49152-65535

How can I set this setting? I only found examples with one port. And I am confused: Is the rigth syntax “security/packetfilter/package/veeam/tcp/2500/…” or “security/packetfilter/veeam/tcp/2500/…” for me?

The following syntax will do:

ucr set security/packetfilter/tcp/2500:5000/all=ACCEPT

The other range is already open by default if you’re running Samba 4 (see /etc/security/packetfilter.d/