Onlyoffice / Nextcloud issue - hostname problem?


I’ve installed locally univention in order to try onlyoffice with nextcloud.
Everything works well locally.

Then I tried to give external access so I redirect Ip to external ones and add a subdomain in order to access.

With this configuration nextcloud works but not onlyoffice, I got the following “The file cannot be accessed right now” when I try to open a document.

so locally using : everything is ok
on the net using : I got the error message

I dont really know where to start, I can’t find any log files :confused:
If someone got some idea …

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Hello @NicCar,

Nextcloud uses a plugin to access the ONLYOFFICE document server. This plugin has a URL configured that is automatically determined from the initial setup. Just a guess, you probably have to change this URL to a respective value reflecting your

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