OnlyOffice .env Vars

Hello There,
I hope, that somebody could help me here, cause OnlyOffice can’t help and answering not.
We have the following problem. We have a OnlyOffice License and connection our Nextcloud on
UCS to our OnlyOffice on UCS. We using there generated secret on the OnlyOffice side. Also we
have to set the inbox, outbox and browser to true in the local.json

Problem is, the settings in die local.json is not update save. After an update we have to re-read
the secret and set the booleans in the local.json.

Now we read, that we can set the parameter in die .env of OnlyOffice to store them permantenly.

And there is a /varlib/univention-appcenter/apps/onlyoffice-ds-integration/onlyoffice-ds-integration.env
Can we use it to store the JWT_SECRET and rvices.CoAuthoring.token.enable.request.inbox, outbox and services.CoAuthoring.token.enable.browser to true?

No one any ideas? So onlyoffice is not updatesafe, correct?!

Just wondering: Is this the same issue as (in German) [gelöst] Nextcloud und OnlyOffice in einer UCS Domäne, in Verbindung mit einem Hetzner Mietserver mit Debian und ProxMox VE, einer OPNsense Firewall, und einem Nginx reverseProxy (solved) ?
The relevant part should be the script at the bottom hat gets executed on each reboot.

Hi danield,
Correct. My solution at:

[solved] Nextcloud and OnlyOffice in a UCS domain, in connection with a Hetzner rental server with Debian and ProxMox VE, an OPNsense firewall, and an Nginx reverseProxy

deals with the identical problem.

My contribution also provides the solution.
(I only didn’t find the “solved” button :wink: )

You only must use the Script at the bottom and it works after any reboot, if you call it in teh crontab file (@reboot).
If the onlyoffice container restart without a system reboot, you must run the script manually.

If something is unclear, just write to me.

Bye, Migo

Hi haggy,
look at my post, the script at the bottom will help you.

If something is unclear, just write to me.

Bye, Migo