Office365 connector app setup can not be completed

Status updates about this issue can be found at the end of this post

The Office365 connector allows to provision Office 365 user accounts in Microsoft Azure with single sign-on for UCS users.

One step in the Office365 connector setup wizard is to explicitly confirm the permissions requested by the app. This is done at the Azure web interface and requires a user logged into the Azure Portal to authorize the app permissions. Currently, the Azure web interface contains a bug that leads to a loop when confirming the required permissions. Therefore, the app’s setup process can not be completed. Microsoft confirmed to Univention that an issue in Azure is the reason for the reload loop in the web interface.

An alternative way to setup the Office365 connector is available as a workaround. We tested it internally and confirmed the connector functionality. It requires changes in the source code by adapting the way the connector uses the Microsoft Azure API, as well as the setup wizard behavior.

For more information contact your Univention contact person or the Univention support.

Report in Univention bugtracker

Update 2020-02-07 14:00CET
We received a report from one customer that the setup of an Azure AD connection could be completed successfully today. We could verify this in internally, we could also setup a new connection in our test environment. Users currently facing this issue are encouraged to try it in their environment as well. We are waiting for an official reponse from Microsoft before considering this issue as resolved.

Update 2020-02-10 10:00CET
Microsoft support confirmed that an issue with the granting permissions when setting up Azure apps has been resolved. The issue is considered resolved. If there are still issues please contact Univention support.