Office 365 Connector - sync

Hello Team,

This is really good tool overall. We have installed and tested by creating users using Office 365 connector. We already have few users created on Office 365 prior to installation of USC, we would like to sync these users with USC. Can you guys help us on how to go about it?

Sorry: the connector does one-way-sync only.

You can try to connect an existing o365-user to a UCS-user by setting the UCS-users email address to the email address of the o365-user. It will then try to create or modify the o365-user, and hopefully create the required ID and thus the connection.

Attention: this is untested and it might fail at connecting the users or worse damage the existing o365-user! So test this with a fresh test user 1st created at o365 side.

Daniel Tröder

Thank you Daniel. Could you please let me know what do you mean by UCS-users email address to the email address of o365-user?

In UMC it’s called “Primary e-mail address” (LDAP attribute mailPrimaryAddress). The local part of it plus the verified domain is used to form the userPrincipalName. The userPrincipalName is the username in AD.