Office 365 connector: currently unable to create new installations?



Hey Univentions,

the App Center page for the Office 365 connector app currently states the following:

Warning: Due to changes in the Azure Cloud, setting up a new connection with this app does not work at the moment. Univention is working on an update to fix this problem.

Can we get an update on this, please? Is this still the case? Is there an ETA for a fix? I’ve got customers who would like to use the connector.




This is the bug entry for the issue. If the azure portal still shows the option to add a legacy app, it might be possible to setup a new connection using that.
The bug has a high priority on our side, we hope to fix it within the next month, but i cannot promise it.


Thanks for the timely update, Erik.


We just released an App update for UCS 4.4. With the Microsoft Office 365 Connector in version 2.5 it is now once again possible to setup new connections to Azure.


Thank you very much!