Odoo, Master Password to create DB?

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i have oddo installed on my ucs 4.4.1. The login with the user admin and the password:


works. Where can I find the master password to create a new database?

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I am not completely sure what you mean. The master password for postgresql does not exist. Just do su - postgres as root and then you can alter anything within psql.

There is a master password for odoo itself, however. You can find it in /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/odoo/data/conf/dbpasswd. Is this what you meant? As far as I understand it, it protects the online database manager of Odoo. Not sure if you can create a new database without going through psql, though.

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I open:

select “Manage database” -> Create

enter the master password (/var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/odoo/data/conf/dbpasswd)

and filled out the remaining fields. Then I get the error:

Database creation error: ERROR: no permission to create database

Same error, exists there any solution?

By default, Odoo stores it’s master password in the configuration file of the Odoo instance.

I would do the following. Please note, this instruction is generic and not UCS specific.

Locate Odoo confguration file:

find / -name *odoo*.conf

Print the master password:

cat *odoo*.conf | grep admin_passwd