Odoo ITIS Easy Businiess does not get UCS users after creation in UCS

the last days I tested odoo ITIS easy Business V14, but without a configured mailserver on my UCS 4.4-9 errata 1227.

Hint for users, who tried the older odoo-version(s):
The odoo ITIS easybusiness V14 is the latest recent main version, as I got told from ITIS via a phone call last week. ITIS releases every year a new version.

On my UCS server I did create several users and marked “Activate user for odoo ITISeasybusiness (UE)”

After login in odoo using the database ITISeasybusiness_LIVE I went to settings - users but none of the new users was visible.


So I checked the settings but I cannot find any error:
LDAP seems to be OK:


There are three LDAP entries - all are nearyly the same


except the number in the red box:


The var/log/odoo-server.log in the odoo Docker container shows no error.
Same with the log files in /var/log/univention.

The user can login into odoo without any problems then. But only after his first login he becomes visible in odoo.
Is there a way, to make the users visible in odoo, before the first login of the users?

Hey Mornsgrans,

as the app is developed by the IT IS AG I don’t know how the LDAP connection is implemented, but the behavior you are describing is an on-demand provisioning where users are created upon request (e.g. first login) while you want them to be provisioned automatically by some kind of process.
It might be advisable to ask the app provider if such a feature is available or can be implemented, but my guess is that the connection does only work on demand (like Rocket.Chat for example too).

Best regards

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Thank you for your reply. I will try to get an answer from IT IS.

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