ODOO Installation In Univention

Is there any way to install ODOO with LDAP

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Hello @Godish,

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Concerning your question, can you please elaborate in more detail what you are intending to do? Which UCS and Odoo version are you planning to use? What should your setup look like, e.g. do you want to use the docker image for Odoo?

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Hello Mr. Gulden,

I am using Univention Corporate server (UCS) 4.1-4 errata408 (Vahr).

In this server i wants to install Odoo-Server 10. But Odoo 10 is not available in App Centreof UCS. So I have installed the ODOO-server 10 Package via Terminal (Konsole)
Now the Problem is there was no LDAP connection for the Odoo-Server. So I am not able to login with users created in LDAP. It ask me to create users in ODOO-Server.
So i wants to integrate the ODOO-Server 10 with Univention LDAP

Hello Godish,

yes, unfortunately there is no Odoo 10 for UCS in the App Center yet. You will have to configure the Odoo LDAP connection manually on your own. Please have a look in the Developer Reference, Section LDAP. You do not need the packaging stuff.

UCS uses a standard OpenLDAP directory service. The LDAP port used is 7389 (see this topic).

I hope this helps and gets you step forward.

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Hello Mr. Gulden,

 I found an app availability in ODOO 10 " Authenticate Via LDAP". In that i have found some LDAP Parameters.

I have tried that. But its not working.

Hello Godish,

can you please describe, what parameters you have found in the Odoo settings and what values you specified there. Please also let me know what the error message was, if you had any.

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Mr. Gulden,

Please have the look into the sceenshot. These are the Parameters I have found in the ODOO Settings. In that My Domain Name is NEXTEXOS.COM, & my LDAP Server is, & I don’t know what should i have to enter the value for LDAP Filter


I’m not an Odoo expert, but that LDAP configuration looks familiar. Please try the following steps:

  • Create a LDAP bind/search user as described in this article: http://wiki.univention.de/index.php?title=Cool_Solution_-_LDAP_search_user
    This user is required so that Odoo can authenticate against LDAP and search its contents
    Let’s assume you name this LDAP user “odoo-ldap”.
  • In Odoo, in the field LDAP binddn, enter the DN of the user you just created:
  • in the field LDAP base, enter your LDAP base dn (please note the comma!)
  • If you want to use TLS, change the port to 7636 - otherwise leave it at 7389
  • LDAP filter seems to be optional, but should be used to restrict the search results, e.g. this filter will only return all user objects:

EDIT: As @Godish points out below, a working LDAP filter in this case is: uid=%s

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Michael Grandjean


Please find the screen shot. I have created the users as mentioned in article “http://wiki.univention.de/index.php?title=Cool_Solution_-_LDAP_search_user”. & I have configured the LDAP. But i am not able to Login. It showing Error like “Wrong login/password”.

                                               Screen Shot 

Hello Everyone,

LDAP Data was get synced successfully. Please use the LDAP filter as uid=%s. Rest of configurations are same as mentioned in above screenshot


Hey @Godish,

I’m glad it’s working :tada:

I’m going to update my answer above to include uid=%s as LDAP filter. Could you then mark that as the reply that solves the the problem? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Michael Grandjean

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hello ,
what did you put in mail adress field to allow you to login to odoo ,i want to test if this configuration work with me or not .