O365 v3.3 Join Script Failed Exitcode=3 Object Not Found

After upgrading to the Office365 Connect v3.3 the join script fails to complete.

The log shows the script trying to remove an extended attribute which is not found and then exiting. Below is the log details

OK: Azure AD connection 'defaultADconnection' is initialized.
Setting UCR office365/adconnection/alias/defaultADconnection=5a072227-1e24-4377-aa5f-5ea1a234s4651
Setting office365/adconnection/alias/defaultADconnection
Restarting the univention-directory-listener...
OK: Return value 0 for "systemctl restart univention-directory-listener.service".
Searching for users to migrate in LDAP...
Found the following users:

       username      | enabled |  Azure object ID
No users found.
Finished migrating users.

Found the following groups:

           group name          | Azure object ID
No groups found.
Finished migrating groups.

End of migration.

+ udm settings/extended_attribute remove --dn 'cn=UniventionOffice365userPrincipalName,cn=custom attributes,cn=univention,dc=internal,dc=<redacted>,dc=com,dc=au'
E: object not found
+ die
+ rc=3
+ echo

+ exit 3

Anyone able to help with this? should I just create the object so the script can remove it and carry on ?



this is probably https://forge.univention.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=52661.

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Thankyou @gulden. That is exactly it.