Nubus for Kubernetes Alpha released

The first Alpha of Nubus for Kubernetes has been released

You can test the Alpha Release of the upcoming Nubus for Kubernetes now. Only new installations are support.

Attention: This is an Alpha Release. It is not feature complete, and not intended for production. There will be no upgrade path from the Alpha Release to the later stable release.

More details about the status of the release can be found in the Release Notes.

The installation procedure of the Alpha release is described in the Operation Manual. The software architecture of Nubus for Kubernetes is documented in the Architecture Manual.

Currently the release is a “roling release”, meaning it will receive updated artifacts (container images an HELM charts) from time to time as the development continues. As we are in Alpha Release phase there might be breaking changes without announcement. Updates will include updated documentation including updated release notes which can be found in the Nubus section of our product documentation.