NTP issue for samba3 systems

As part of the Samba4 UCS domain, I have two-* samba3 systems that are used for file shares.
In Nagios I am seeing the following error for both of these systems, and I am unsure of how to resolve this.
NTP CRITICAL: No response from NTP server


that sounds like the NTP daemon is not running on those systems (ps aux | grep ntp). You should have UCR ntp/autostart set to yes to start ntp at boot time.


The NTP service is set to Autorun within UCR
However, the NTP service is not running - even after a reboot. See below:


as per default the NTP Server is only configured on systems with a Domain Controller role and not for example on a memberserver.
I would suggest, that you disable the Nagios NTP Check for this machine. This behaviour is documented as well in our Bug Tracker, [bug]25128[/bug](german only) and fixed in UCS 3.0-1.

Tobias Scherer

I guess not fixed if the system is upgraded from 3.0.0 to 3.0.2
Perhaps only for new installs?

Yes, it was only fixed for new installed systems. You can install the ntp package on the member server:

univention-install ntp

Or you remove the Nagios ntp check for the member server in the Univention Management Console.

Best regards

It appears that by default in UCS, nagios is not configured to check external commands.
I guess I will have to tweak the default setup.