NTFS write problem

I would like to use UCS as a file server for Windows workstations. Installed it, can acces via ip through a windows pc.
Let me state first that I am not a Linux expert, really not, so I even can not install a package without the help of a package manager (or how it is called).

So the PROBLEM IS when I mount an NTFS drive, I can see the contents, but can not write to it. Tried to change permissions (where by default “Owner” was set to “Can view…” and “Group” to “Forbidden”) to Read and Write, but “Dolphin” gives a short error about it can not change settings on the drive.

Has anyone idea what I shall to do to write to ntfs drives?
(Formatting is not an option for me.)

Thanks for your help in advance!

You need to use ntfs-3g to mount the drive… I’m not sure if ntfs-3g has support for file permissions tho.

The default ntfs support in linux is limited to read-only, as ntfs is a proprietary filesystem covered by patents and without open documentation it is difficult to support.

You’ll be MUCH better off using well supported filesystems like ext*, xfs etc if you’re running a linux based fileserver.

Thank you for your answer. As I know based on what I was reading about this, ntfs-3g should have been come with UCS installation, because it is implemented in Debain since 2012.

So then if I am not using that, how can I use ntfs-3g?

As I said formatting is not an option for me, I have 10TB of data on 5-6 full disks. Do you say, a Windows Server would be more fast and reliable in my case?