Not able to get the dir and files created in one machine, when user logs into different machine

Hi All,
I am trying out ucs latest.
I had successfully migrated AD to UCS.
Then now I had some success in connecting Ubuntu machines to UCS.
Thanks to the excellent documentation done at”, chapter 1

Now I can login using active directory users who has been migrated to ucs.
What I have noticed is that, if I am using more than one ubuntu machines for the user login, the files and folders which are created is not applicable/not found when using another machine connected to the ucs. This is the issue.

More than 1 Ubuntu client I have, “LDAP users” do not get the folders or files which they created on first machine, when they log into the second machines. I want the folders and files once created anywhere to be accessible one they log in to any domain connected machines.

Did I miss some steps here.
Guidance and advice requested.

You’ve to configure Ubuntu using NFS or SMB for /home. Unfortunately this is not part of the documentation.

So should create a NFS share of /home on the server via UMC if it wasn’t created automatically.

Then you should configure the clients, but please ignore the server chapters:

Thanks Sir Tux.
Going to work with NFS, to make it share
Thanks for the advice