Noob Question on AD Connector

I am sure this was asked once before (possibly by me…but can not find it searching.)

We have deployed the AD and AD connector modules on our UCS Master server.

I am wondering two things:

  1. Do I need to install those modules on the UCS Backup as well? Or only on the Master.

  2. Do I need to install the AD Connector Application on both my Windows Domain Controllers (I have 2 Primary and Secondary so to speak.) or just on one of them?

Trying to plan this out before actually implementing Windows AD to UCS connectivity/authentication.


Samba4 and Slave Role deals with a comparable Topic.

Samba4 can be installed on multiple server. The local S4 connector (as mentioned in the other thread) only runs on the master.

I havent tried to run the AD connector on multiple machines in one UCS domain, but I would expect that this is not working.
I’d also expect that running the Windows part (ucs-ad-connector) on multiple machines at the same time will cause problems, but I can be wrong.