Noob installation question

Hello everyone,

After much hesitation, I decided to give univetion a try, but could not get far to report anything good or bad.
The installation went through without much hassle but I can not login to UCS via browser after the restart. I know the UCS network setup picked up an IP via DHCP which was deliberately assigned in the router. It looks like the web server is not working.

I’ve looked at the logs but nothing caught my eye.
Is there a service I can (re)start or setting I can change via command line to get things back to normal?

All help is appreciated.


some things to start looking at:

It is possible to force a manual IP-configuration instead of DHCP 2.6. Network configuration.

In case you are able to log on the console (where the banner should display the assigned IP and the URL for the management system) in it might be helpful to know which logs you have already checked.
If you expect a non-functional web server I’d expect hints in /var/log/apache2/*.

Best Regards,
Dirk Ahrnke

It was the DVD burners fault.
I just downloaded and burned the iso image with another burner. Tried the whole installation with the same settings again and voila!. UCS is working.
Thanks for the help though.