No time and date in Admin Diary



Using admin diary frontend shows only „ NaN.NaN.aN, NaN:NaN“ for date and time.
Deleting and a new installation doesn‘t help.

Please, how can i repair this?



Does nobody have an idea where i can search for solution?


Same Question, but seems there is no bug for that, so possible we missed something?


@moderators … any feedback for that?

@troeder @scheinig @damrose @botner @peichert

Without working timestamp, this feature is more or less useless :frowning:


Which browser do you use?

Seems work in Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

But not in IE, Safari…


There is a bug report now:


I‘m working with Safari on my iPad and until now i never have had problems with the GUI of UMC. So i never thought to test it on my PC with Firefox.

Let us wait for the reaction of the bug report.


Thanks for your solution in the latest update.