No proxy / restart service


if I set the UCR variable proxy/no_proxy, which service do I need to restart to make it become effective?

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afaik no service has to be restarted, for CLI usage the environment has to be (re)sourced to apply the proxy related environment variables - To force this a simple relogin should work too. :slight_smile:
Which service do you have that does not seem to respect the variable?

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I’ve written a UCS directory listener module which trigger Kelvin-API-Calls to add/modify/delete teacher and student objects.
(the Kelvin-Client uses the python module httpx)

How can I resource that env variable in this context?

Actually it’s not so important since I already set it to the correct value and rebooted afterwards. At the moment the server is not yet in production. I don’t think I need to reconfigure this in the near future - I was just curious.