No OwnCloud Applcation

I just finished installing the invention and successfully logged in with my existing domain credentials. I see no own cloud application in my list of installed apps. I am wondering what I have missed.

I see this also

Hello @Bjay,

welcome to Univention Help and thanks for your posting.

From the screenshot above I assume you run the ownCloud App Appliance. I looks like the ownCloud app could unfortunately not be installed during the appliance setup.

I’d be interested in what went wrong during your appliance setup:

  1. Can you please login to the command-line, e.g. via SSH with the username root and the password you assigned during the setup?
  2. Go to /var/log/univention and open appcenter.log.
  3. Select the part that deals with the ownCloud installation and paste it.

Furthermore, you can try to fix it with the following steps:

  1. Login to System and domain settings with the username Administrator and the password you defined during the appliance setup.
  2. Navigate to the App Center module and open it.
  3. Look for the ownCloud app and install it.
  4. In the UCS management system, open the Users module, select your user and activate ownCloud on the Apps tab.

I hope that helps.

Best regards,