No NextCloud Admin after installed

after Nextcloud installation and login as the Administrator Account wasn’t (Nextcloud) Admin show as Normal User,try to create account as Group (DomainAdmin) but the same.
so what to do to access as NextcloudAdmin Account?
univention-app info
UCS: 4.4-1 errata273
Installed: adconnector=12.0 admindiary-backend=1.0 admindiary-frontend=1.0 adtakeover=5.0 cups=2.2.1 dhcp-server=12.0 fetchmail=6.3.26 kvm=2.8 letsencrypt=1.2.2-8 mailserver=12.0 nagios=4.3 onlyoffice-ds= pkgdb=11.0 printquota=10.0 prometheus-node-exporter=1.1 radius=5.0 samba4=4.10 self-service=4.0 squid=3.5 uvmm=7.0 wekan=3.02 4.3/admin-dashboard=1.2 4.3/collabora= 4.3/digitec-suitecrm=7.11.3 4.3/openproject=9.0.2 4.3/prometheus=1.1 4.1/nextcloud=16.0.4-0
Upgradable: digitec-suitecrm openproject

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Have you executed all domainjoin scripts. After install nextcloud, domainjoinscripts must be executed in webinterface. Normally there is an notification.

If You Mean " Domain join" then all of them status show as successful.
Then How to do it manually if this the reasons of that

Ok, thats nice. Have you check the box at nextcloudapp for the administrator? With the administrator you can add also other users as nextcloudadmin.

Thanks for Reply,
I try to add new users as Administrator/domain admin but still the to check nextcloudapp administrators?
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Not new user. Only the buildin “Administrator” from UCS have adminrights in nextcloud after installation. I’ve installed 3 nextcloudinstances last 2 Weeks. On every installation was this the only user. And with this “Administrator” you can add other users as nextcloudadmin “in the nextcloud interface” not UCS.

You can read this in the docs too:

yea As i Said the first I try it,was default Administrator but wasn’t admin.

Very strange. Hope some other user can help you with.

Is possible to check who is Admin by command (nextcloud) or add an admin manually ?
or check the default admin of nextcloud?

think you may use occ for that


how to access to /var/www/ occ of nextcloud?
If changed admin password of it,there is be conflict with settings of UCS ?

univention-app shell nextcloud


after checking users found user called nc_admin
and found password of it at
but still there is no LDAP Admin nextcloud
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Thanks for @boospy @externa1 your help.
as UCS issue,still there is no auto admin from LDAP
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Not normal. Never used nc_admin. Never needed. Strange :cry:

It’s the unique admin :rofl: the latest man in the field in front of LDAP users.

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On installation we try to promote the “Administrator” called LDAP user to admin. This might fail, if a non-standard one is used. The join log should reveal what has happened there. But when otherwise the LDAP config looks fine, you can promote any user to admin by adding them to the local “admin” group as local admin in Nextcloud’s user management.