No console output after upgrade from 4.2-0 to 4.2-2


after upgrading to 4.2-2 with all errata updates I have no console ouput anymore. It’s hanging with “mount /boot”, but the boot process itself is not stopping. I’ve not tested with older kernel and sysv yet. But maybe this problem is already known.

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No, the problem is not known yet. Could you solve it?

I haven’t rebootet the system yet. Maybe the screen is the cause. It has an old 15" CRT and is the only system that always wan’t shwowing the bootsplash and is now the only affected system. So my first idea was to disable the bootsplash:

ucr set grub/bootsplash='nosplash'

But I’ll also try to change the vga mode. This are the current values:

grub/gfxmode: 800x600@16
 Graphical resolution for the boot menu, e.g. 1024x768 (width x height x colour depth in bits).

grub/gfxpayload: 800x600@24,800x600@16,800x600
 Controls the video mode in which the Linux kernel starts up, replacing the "vga=" boot option.

This problem was fixed by upgrading to UCS 4.3.