No App installation possible despite of activated license

Hello everyone,

i recently installed UCS OS. I added the system as part of an existing Active Directory and after that installed the UCS core edition license.(Recieved Success Message) But when i try to install an app(e.g. Nextcloud Hub) in the App Center it says there have to be an UCS-Licensekey with Key-ID.

I had a look at the license information and there is a Key-ID. Also in the same menu i can still see UCS Activation button.

In the following some Logs:

  • univention-license-import

Backing up old license to /path/to/univention-backup/univention_license_replaced_at_2020_09_04_09_37_57
adding new entry “cn=admin,cn=license,cn=univention,dc=(anonymized),dc=(anonymized)”

Replaced license.

  • univention-license-check

Base DN: dc=(anonymized),dc=(anonymized)
Checking searchpath… OK
Checking basedn … OK
Checking enddate … OK
Checking signature … OK
Users: 0 of unlimited… OK
Servers: 1 of unlimited… OK
Managed Clients: 0 of unlimited… OK
Corporate Clients: 0 of unlimited… OK

  • univention-app info

UCS: 4.4-5 errata725
Installed: adconnector=12.0 samba-memberserver=4.7

Did someone expierence the same? Do i have to reinstall the whole server for a possible fix?

I would appreciate any assistance in this matter.


I have the same issue with a new installation.



same problem with a new installation here.
Univention cannot be activated.


Danke, funktioniert wieder.

Hi @Warmitrax

please check the output of

sudo ucr get uuid/license

and please just give info if you get a result or not.

If you get a result, please check if the value from uuid/license is the same as in the installed license in the LDAP, check with:

sudo univention-ldapsearch -b "cn=license,cn=univention,$(sudo ucr get ldap/base)" cn=admin univentionLicenseKeyID

Regardless of the UCRV and LDAP result, please increase your notifier debug level and restart the notifier:

sudo ucr set notifier/debug/level=4
sudo systemctl restart univention-directory-notifier.service

and check the logfile for anything that seems to be out of place:

sudo less +F /var/log/univention/notifier.log

I had a similar error today in a test installation where I had linebreaks in LDAP objects which caused some troubles (see for details).


Hello @Oli_mt,

can you please let us know what you did so that the system accepted your activation?

I’d like to get a better understanding of the error and how to reproduce it.

Best regards,

Hello Denissen,

i got no output when i entered

sudo ucr get uuid/license

I have set the debug level to 4 and restarted the service. In my notifier log there were several Errors like this:

ERROR:ldap_add(Transaction(tid=675433, dn=‚cn=SomeName-SomeName,cn=uid,cn=temporary,cn=univention,dc=anonymized,dc=local', command='a')): Already exists**

I took away the rights from the user who joined successfully to the active directory. Since this installation was only for testing purpose. Could there be a problem with that? I mean to the License Activation Problem?

Sorry for the late response. :slight_smile: I was very busy the last weeks.

Kind regards,