Nextclound & OnlyOffice not working for user but ok for Admin

i have new installed Nextclaud and Onlyoffice.
If i do login as Admin - it works to see the image and write on a document
if i login as user the option are there but it gives a error and i should go to the Administrator.

Q: was should the Admin do so user could use it too?

have a nice day

meine Nextcloud und Onlyoffice installation funktionieren wenn ich als Admin einlogge.
wenn ich als User mich anmelde bekomme ich einen Hinweis mich an den Administrator zu melden.
Also als Admin - was müsste ich noch tun damit ein User auch onlyoffice benützen kann?

Hello @vinc,

can you login to Nextcloud as user at all? If not, you need to activate the user for Nextcloud. Follow the hints in the App Center in the installed Nextcloud app. I hope this already helps.

Best regards,

@gulden thanks for your feedback.
i have deleted the VM and reinstallet it a couple of time - and then it worked.
one time i could not see the files, another time apache2 did not start, only after a couple of reboot or manuel start the apche2.system.
Now it works, works fine conecting over MacBook with the nextcloud app. but login direct works but not allways