NextCloud Trusted domain

I,ve installed a new UNC Server, I’ll use this one as a All in One server,
I use the same name for intern, and external, this configured on my my Pf-sense router.
Mail Kopano works without an issue, but nextcloud show me that I need add the server to the trusted domains.
While the right name is in the config.php file, and in the host file as well.
can anyone support me to the right direction?


The simpliest way is:
open the nextcloud website with the external name when nextcloud brings up the button to add this name to the trusted domains click on the link
after that change the name to the ip address and reload the page and login with admin account then the name is saved in the allowed domain array in config.php inside the docker image


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this didn’t work for me.
The domain name: as wel the internal, and the external ip address are in the config file.
Didn’t find an wrong issue in the Host and the relay file as well.

This was a new install, so a reinstall was the fast option for me.
Now it works as expected.