NextCloud Problem

Could not Administrator to admin group, because user was not found:
<?xml version="1.0"?> <ocs> <meta> <status>failure</status> <statuscode>404</statuscode> <message>Invalid query, please check the syntax. API specifications are here: DEBUG OUTPUT: </message> </meta> <data/> </ocs>
Critical: Check Join Status

"univention-check-join-status" returned a problem with the domain join.

Warning: 'nextcloud' is not configured.
Error: Not all install files configured: 1 missing

See Manual: Analysis of listener/notifier problems or run the join-scripts via "Domain join" module.

Can someome help me with this ?
Thanks a lot.


this looks like the symptoms described in this thread (in German, unfortunately). The reason turned out to be a difference in DNS resolution inside the Nextcloud container and outside: the host name of the host running the container was resolved to an external (public) IP address inside the Docker container. Therefore the HTTP requests used for modifying the Nextcloud groups were sent to said external address instead of the host running the Nextcloud container.

Please run the following and paste the output:

# This is run on the host itself, outside of the container:
nslookup $(ucr get hostname).$(ucr get domainname)
ucr search --brief '^nameserver|hosts/static'
# The next command enters the container:
univention-app shell nextcloud
# This will now be run inside the Nextcloud container:
sudo -u www-data php /var/www/html/occ config:list | grep -i ldap | grep -v password
apt-get install iputils-ping
ping -c 2 $(sudo -u www-data php /var/www/html/occ config:app:get user_ldap s01ldap_host)

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mosu, look this:

root@nextc-01916764:/# sudo -u www-data php /var/www/html/occ config:list | grep -i ldap | grep -v password     
        "ldapIgnoreNamingRules": false,
        "ldapProviderFactory": "\\OCA\\User_LDAP\\LDAPProviderFactory",
        "user_ldap": {
            "s01ldap_backup_host": "",
            "s01ldap_backup_port": "",
            "s01ldap_tls": "0",
            "s01ldap_turn_off_cert_check": "0",
            "s01ldap_display_name": "displayName",
            "s01ldap_user_display_name_2": "",
            "s01ldap_gid_number": "gidNumber",
            "s01ldap_userfilter_objectclass": "",
            "s01ldap_userfilter_groups": "",
            "s01ldap_groupfilter_groups": "",
            "s01ldap_group_display_name": "cn",
            "s01ldap_group_member_assoc_attribute": "uniqueMember",
            "s01ldap_loginfilter_email": "0",
            "s01ldap_loginfilter_username": "1",
            "s01ldap_loginfilter_attributes": "",
            "s01ldap_quota_def": "",
            "s01ldap_base": "dc=saturno,dc=intranet",
            "s01ldap_base_groups": "cn=groups,dc=saturno,dc=intranet",
            "s01ldap_userlist_filter": "(&(objectclass=nextcloudUser)(nextcloudEnabled=1))",
            "s01ldap_user_filter_mode": "1",
            "s01ldap_group_filter": "(&(objectclass=nextcloudGroup)(nextcloudEnabled=1))",
            "s01ldap_group_filter_mode": "1",
            "s01ldap_login_filter": "(&(objectclass=nextcloudUser)(nextcloudEnabled=1)(uid=%uid))",
            "s01ldap_login_filter_mode": "1",
            "s01ldap_quota_attr": "nextcloudQuota",
            "s01ldap_cache_ttl": "600",
            "s01ldap_override_main_server": "",
            "s01ldap_attributes_for_group_search": "",
            "s01ldap_expert_uuid_user_attr": "",
            "s01ldap_expert_uuid_group_attr": "",
            "s01ldap_nested_groups": "0",
            "s01ldap_paging_size": "500",
            "s01ldap_turn_on_pwd_change": "0",
            "s01ldap_dynamic_group_member_url": "",
            "s01ldap_default_ppolicy_dn": "",
            **"s01ldap_host": "linux.saturno.intranet",**
            "s01ldap_port": "7389",
            "s01ldap_base_users": "dc=saturno,dc=intranet",
            "s01ldap_dn": "cn=nextc-01916764,cn=memberserver,cn=computers,dc=saturno,dc=intranet",
            "s01ldap_groupfilter_objectclass": "nextcloudGroup",
            "s01ldap_email_attr": "mailPrimaryAddress",
            "s01ldap_configuration_active": "1",
            "s01ldap_attributes_for_user_search": "uid\ngivenName\nsn\nemployeeNumber\nmailPrimaryAddress",
            "s01ldap_experienced_admin": "1",
            "s01ldap_expert_username_attr": "uid",
root@nextc-01916764:/# ping linux.saturno.intranet
ping: unknown host linux.saturno.intranet
_root@nextc-01916764:/# cat /etc/hosts_
_127.0.0.1       localhost_
_::1     localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback_
_fe00::0 ip6-localnet_
_ff00::0 ip6-mcastprefix_
_ff02::1 ip6-allnodes_
_ff02::2 ip6-allrouters_
_172.17.0.1      nextc-01916764_
**root@nextc-01916764:/# ping -c 2 $(sudo -u www-data php /var/www/html/occ config:app:get user_ldap s01ldap_host)**
**ping: unknown host linux.saturno.intranet**

I think I need change the hostname in my docker ?
Thank you very much.


it’s worrisome that DNS resolution doesn’t work in your container. Can you please post the output of the following:

ucr search --brief '^nameserver'
univention-app shell nextcloud cat /etc/resolv.conf


Kind regards,