Nextcloud + onlyoffice on VMWare player 10?




I have successfuly deployed the Nextcloud + Onlyoffice app on my personal Virtual Box for testing purpose, but in order to use it in my school, I need to deploy it on a VMWare player.
I wasn’t aware until now that this player version was so outdated (version 10).

I downloaded the VMWare version of the app and tried to install it? I could successfuly add it to the list of VM but I got an error message on launch (sadly, in Chinese, since the server is all in Chinese, so I didn’t know what it said). Then the VM was locked.

I’m not sure I can update the player (it is runnning another VM very important for my school, and I am not confident with the procedures in Chinese…)

I am not really an IT guy. Since I studied computer science (actualy, programming) over ten years ago, I was appointed with the responsability to administrate our server… I don’t want to mess things up !

So, my question is : is this APP compatible with VMWare 10 ? If not, is it hard/safe to update VMWare player (no risk to compromise the other VM) ?

PS : I can’t use Google, because of censorship in China so it’s hard to find solutions online…
Thank you in advance for your help and advice, and sorry for my noobish questions.



Hello @eloychristophe

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It is hard to help without knowing the actual error message of your VMware installation. What is the operating system your VMware Player is installed on? Is it Linux? If so, you could try to change the LANG variable locally in your shell with export LANG='en_US.UTF-8 and then run vmplayer from inside that shell to provoke an English error message.

There are alternatives like Do they work in China?

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Hello !

Thank you for your message !
This alternative doesn’t work. Few search engines work other than Baidu, Bing and Lilo. I have a paid VPN but according to the providers of the service, my local servers mess up with the VPN so I can’t use it…

The OS of the server is Windows2008.
Right after the error, I changed the language (it changed the UI of VMWare) but I couldn’t try again (by then the VM was locked and I didn’t know how to unlock it).
The server has restarted since, and has rolled back the language change and removed the VM (it seems I must install it on another drive to prevent this).

Once I could re-upload the image and get the error (changing the language beforehand) I will post it here, but it may take a while.

Thank you again for your quick reply,