Nextcloud "No email address set" can not be changed



I can’t ad or change Email address in Nextcloud.
The users are from UCS Server with LDAP.
see screen shot:
Screenshot%20from%202018-09-07%2022-59-12 Screenshot%20from%202018-09-07%2023-00-21
any body help?





when using LDAP as source for users and groups the mail adresses should be read from the leading directory.
It appears that the default settings of the integration are using the attribute mail but it should be mailPrimaryAddress. I am a bit surprised that the current integration has not done it yet. That was definitely a basic thing that was already solved before.

You change it in Nextcloud with an admin-account in settings-“LDAP / AD integration”-Advanced-special attributes.
Please note that the change will not be visible immediately as all values fetched from LDAP are cached for at least 10 minutes by default.

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Dirk Ahrnke


Hi Dirk,

thank you for help. I changed it to " mailPrimaryAddress" but it dose not work? Even after waiting several hours.

See Screenshots:


User Account:

any idea?

thanks and best regards



There have been lots of adjustment regarding the handling of attributes between ownCLoud/Nextcloud and the leading directory during the last years. I must admit that I havent checked if there are still open tasks.

Your screenshot indicates that you have used a testaccount, so what you can do is, to change other attributes too like displayName or add a photo to the account and then watch if/how/when this gets updated in Nextcloud.

As I have verified the steps on my demo-machine I am sure that it works, but I also noticed that the sync of some accounts took a bit longer.

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To test it, I created a new user on UCS with standard information, plus email and a picture.
The result is that it shows the picture on Nextcloud but not the email.

Just to be sure.
Question: Is it correct that I have to enter the mail address in the UCS Users tool under the Users “General” tab in “Primary e-mail address”? Or is this wrong?



This depends on where you want to use the mail address. Most integrations will look at the mailPrimaryAddress which is the one at the General tab and the Aliases at the extended section. The mail address at Contact is “mail”.

For your reference from my system with Kopano and Nextcloud:

root@www:~# univention-ldapsearch uid=johndoe | grep ^mail 
mail: john.doe@redacted_domain
mailPrimaryAddress: johndoe@redacted_domain

root@www:~# univention-app shell nextcloud sudo -u www-data /var/www/html/occ ldap:show-config s01 |grep ldapEmail
| ldapEmailAttribute            | mailPrimaryAddress                                             |

root@www:~# univention-app shell nextcloud sudo -u www-data /var/www/html/occ user:info johndoe | grep mail
  - email: johndoe@redacted_domain


Hi Dirk,
with the help of your command examples I could analyze the problem and fix it.

Finally I had to change the “Email Field” from " mailPrimaryAddress" back to “mail” and only after that it started to collect the email address. It takes it from the “Contact” tap in UCS Users, not from anywhere else.

Remark: I am not using kopano or any other UCS integrated mail server. I am having a Zimbra server that will be integrated at a later stage. First I have to get more familiar with UCS…
could this be a reasin that it did not work at first?

Thanks for all your Help!