Nextcloud login not possible


today i installed Nextcloud and wondered why i can’t login. After reading some sites i found out that the join script is not running.

So i found this old thread:

Docker Name Reslotution

Next i entered the docker container and when i ping the ucs server i get the provider IP.

In a further step i changed the /etc/hosts file in the docker to test the solution which was written in the thread. Now i get the local ip when i ping the server but the join script don’t run.

Is it a problem that the domain name is set to xxx.local instead of In the hosts file both names are given.

What can i do to make the Nextcloud run?

Kind regads


Check in the UCS - GUI under “User”, whether the user(s) is/are enabled to use Nextcloud.

Thank you for your reply. I checked this before but i think the problem is nextcloud:

Warning: ‘nextcloud’ is not configured.
Error: Not all install files configured: 1 missing

In the join.log i can find this:

Object exists: SAMLServiceProviderIdentifier=,cn=saml-serviceprovider,cn=univention,dc=xxx,dc=local
Config value type for app user_saml set to saml
Config value general-require_provisioned_account for app user_saml set to 1
Config value general-allow_multible_user_back_ends for app user_saml set to 1

There are no commands defined in the “saml:config” namespace.

curl failed with error 60
Failed to request an LDAP config id from Nextcloud

Kind regards