Nextcloud LDAP Users but no Groups

I have installed Nextcloud 12.0.5 on UCS 4.2 and it worked not well.
I can share documents in nextcloud to all 1000 pupil. I see them all in the sharing field. I can just find the group admin (and admin-fps and nc-admin), but not to a group like “fps-5a” or other classes.

I used the standard installation on ucs.
I set all users to “in nextcloud available” with 1GB quota.
I set all groups to “in nextcloud available”.
I use the standard LDAP Request for groups in nextcloud: (&(objectclass=nextcloudGroup)(nextcloudEnabled=1))
I installed all twice on an secondary hardware, same problem.

Does somebody see a mistake?
Kind regards Holger

Did you check whether the group base fits? In Nextcloud’s LDAP settings see Advanced → Directory settings → Base Group Tree.

Thanks for your replay. That might be the misstake:
Nextcloud: Base Group Tree: cn=groups,dc=info,dc=tm
class in UCS (imported via csv):

Is it better to change my groups in UCS or the Base group tree?

I changed the Base Group Tree to ou=fps, dc=info, dc=tm and it works!


Glad it helped.

Is it better to change my groups in UCS or the Base group tree?

Changing the group base in Nextcloud is less invasive and reduces the risk that a changed structure explodes leads to issues in potential other applications (ideally it shouldn’t, still there’s the chance).

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