Nextcloud is getting error:Updates between multiple major versions unsupported

My computer crashed during a overdue update of Nextcloud. When I rebooted, it appeared as if the upgrade had finished correctly and UCS said that I still needed to update Nextcloud, so I ran the update. When that updated finished, I now see an error that states that the upgrade fails due to updates between multiple major versions unsupported.

I have already attempted to uninstall the Nextcloud app, delete all the files except my data and reinstall. The reinstall was successful, however Nextcloud starts with asking me to enter the database information, which I just entered the same information that is in the newly created config file for DB username/pass, etc. At that point it fails and tells me it cannot connect to I know my data is still safe, but if anyone has any suggestions how I can get Nextcloud back up and running, that would be great!