Nextcloud: External storage (SMB) not working




I’m testing Nextcloud on UCS. I want to access the $HOME shares via Nextcloud.

This is the configuration (I’ve translated it myself from german):
Authentication: “Save credentials in session”
Server: FQDN of the server
Share: homes
External folder: /
Domain: Netbios domain name

Unluckily it’s not working. The message is “Received empty response from server”.



I’ve evaluated it a little bot more. The problem seems the name of the share (“homes”). In Nextcloud it’s working if I use a specific user name as share name instead. In Windows I also can’t access the share “homes”.

This setup is working in an other non-UCS SAMBA-AD domain. But there is no difference between the share configurations of my UCS domain and the other non-UCS domain.

EDIT: I’ve found a solution in the documentation. I use now “$user” as share name.