Nextcloud ClamAV


Ich habe heute UCS 4.3 installiert. Applikationen NextCloud und bei Dienst den ClamAV und den Dämon. In der NextCloud habe ich die AntiVirus App installiert und eingerichtet. Dabei habe ich aber das Problem, das im Docker Container gar kein ClamAV verwendet wird - übersehe ich etwas?
Wenn ich mit univention-app shell nextcloud dort den clamAV einrichte läuft zwar die NextCloud AV App normal und der TestVirus wird erkannt, aber das kann doch unmöglich der Richtige Weg sein?


we prefer to use English here, let me knwo if this is an issue for you.

I installed UCS 4.3 today. Applications NextCloud and for Service the ClamAV and the Demon. In the NextCloud I installed and configured the AntiVirus App. But I have the problem that no ClamAV is used in the Docker Container - am I missing something?
If I set up the clamAV there with univention-app shell nextcloud, the NextCloud AV app runs normally and the TestVirus is detected, but that can’t possibly be the right way?

I am unsure what you have tried, but reading the Nextcloud docs states there are three modes available for the Nextcloud App.

So you have installed the Nextcloud AV-App, right? Inside Docker?
As software inside Docker are seen as a seperate host then the Docker host itself they need to use network based connection to talk to each other.

So your way would be according to Nextcloud Docs:

  1. Use ClamAV inside Docker Image as aaemon or executable (my understanding this is what you have)
  2. Use ClamAV on a different server as daemon (this is what you want).

To get 2 you have to configure your NetxCloud App for Mode 2 ( “ClamAV is running on a different server. This is a good option for Nextcloud servers with high volumes of file uploads.”)
Configure you NExtCloudApp accordingly and it should work.

Maybe you might have to configure the UCS-ClamAV App to accept connections from the local network.