Nextcloud app not working

Hi all,

I wanted to try nextcloud on ucs-5. After installation i tried to login using the Administrator accout and ran into an
internal server error. After checking nextcloud logs on the server, i found this: “Lost connection to LDAP”

Any ideas how to solve that issue? I was expecting to get a running nextcloud out of the box…

Kind Regards,

I had to manually configure ldap… Steps to solve the issue:

Log to the applications console to delete the ldap connection::

univention-app shell -u www-data nextcloud
cd /var/www/html
./occ ldap:delete s01

Log into nextcloud using nc_admin to reconfigure ldap. The password can be found here:

univention-app shell nextcloud
cat /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/nextcloud/data/integration/admin.secret

The ldap password from the old configuration is here

univention-app shell nextcloud
cat /etc/machine.secret